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Analytical Research Essay Pitfalls Checked in 30 Questions

analytical research essay writing help

Research Writing Approaches

When it comes to writing academic papers, then we need to know about the several approaches to research writing. The most important thing to know about preparing academic papers is to be familiar with the numerous aspects of writing the research. The first type is an analytical research essay based on different kinds of arguments. Have a look at different types of college research paper approaches.

Descriptive Research Paper

  • The kind of research paper based on the detailed descriptions of the topic.
  • All the terms and types related to a certain topic are explained in the academic paper. The traits of a phenomenon and population are added in this type of paper.
  • This kind of paper is not based on the questions of what, why, how, when etc.
  • The single variable is affected by the other in descriptive research.
  • The participants are depicted in a precise manner.

Argumentative Research

  • The topic is properly investigated in it.
  • The data collection and generation are the core parts of argumentative research.
  • The pieces of evidence are evaluated.
  • These papers are written in a more concise way.
  • The specific position on the topic is established.

Analytical Research Approach

  • The already available information and facts are used in it.
  • Developing a critical evaluation of the material is required to analyze the info.
  • The research is based on in-depth research.
  • The complex phenomenon is explained of the available information.
  • The measurement and classification of the variables are added to it.

how to write analytical research essay with experts

Qualities and Components: How to Write an Analytical Research Essay?

Analytical research is based on a thorough academic analysis. The various parts of the topic are analyzed in this research. The most concerned thing is to gather data from the relevant sources and analyze it properly for the precise findings. The findings of several topics related to the title and factual information are included in it. By combining both parts, the writer develops their own concluding lines. The more new topics are discovered by conducting this kind of research. The analytical research essay examples are also important to follow to get this job done in a proper manner. The analytical research paper is written in an objective style.

analytical research paper example

Analytical Research Essay Structure

The analytical research paper and essay requires proper attention and collect of the detailed set of information. As we have mentioned above, there are 2 major types of research papers. An ideal structure of an analytical essay should have the following main components:

An excellent essay has a clear and logical structure, which consists of:

  • Title. The title of the essay must not come out of the framework determined by the essay question (stated in the syllabus). But that does not mean that the title must be exactly the same as the essay question.
  • Essay questions. It is permissible for the author) to “tear down” the question and focus on some aspect of the issue, not in all possible aspects, if it is considered to be better. It is not permissible, however, to come up with a completely different topic – which has nothing to do with the essay question, nor write about the topic in general. A student who is in the dilemma whether the focusing suggestion is acceptable or not is best done if – before writing an essay – to consult with the mentor on the chosen subject. However, the title must be completely clear, and it must be completely clear in relation to which question the essay originated. Also, already in the first sentence of the introduction, a student should clearly state what the essay actually deals with, i.e. how the question is narrowed down.
  • Summary. A summary in which the author’s argument is clearly indicated. The summary should not be longer than one passage or, say, five sentences. The author should clearly outline his main conclusion – in the shortest possible form. Imagine that you have only 30 seconds of television time, and in those 30 seconds you have to explain what you actually said in your essay. Write that in the summary.
  • Introduction. The introduction must answer three questions, and in case a student (or student) wants the highest grade – then four. All the essays must answer these questions in the introduction: a) What is this essay dealing with (and – if the author wants – what he does not deal with), b) What is the main argument in this essay? c) What is the structure of the essay? How much “section” there is and what is in each of them. The best essays introduced in the first three sentences clearly answer these three questions.
  • Three or four sections (smaller units). The author must take into account that it would be best if one who reads an essay immediately sees what can be expected of it rather than leave it to the case. The best essays introduced in the first three sentences clearly answer these three questions. The author must take into account that it would be best if one who reads an essay immediately sees what can be expected of it rather than leave it to the case.
  • ConclusionYour conclusion is the “crown” of the essay. You will repeat the main argument and remind the reader how you came to this conclusion. Do not be overwhelming. Keep in mind that the essay reader is already in the summary and in the introduction got the main information, so you just remind him here of the main idea and thus “close the circle”, i.e. you create a whole. The conclusion states what was announced in the introduction. The difference is that in the conclusion it must be clear that you did it in the essay itself. The list of literature must be listed at the end of the essay. It includes only those works that you explicitly quoted or which you referred to in the text and not all papers that have anything to do with the subject. A good essay has a list of literature between seven and ten serious academic units (books, articles from serious journals or book chapters). While it is permissible to quote newspaper articles or the Internet, they cannot be treated as serious academic literature. And, of course, they must be listed as additional sources – but this is at the top (and not instead) of these main sources. Of course, if you cite an online edition of an academic journal, this is considered to be a serious academic unit. Citing lectures as well as lecture notes published by the teacher on the course website is not common and is not considered a serious academic source.
  • References. List of literature and relevant references.

best help with critical analytical essay

General Essay Writing Tips to Be Followed

Follow these tips to make a mark in your analytical essay writing attempt. Never take any of these points for-granted.

  • Plan first and then write. Never start any part with no prior data collection.
  • Avoid writing this essay in the past and future tense.
  • You can write it in the first person but avoid to do it multiple times.
  • The colloquial and slang language is not acceptable at all.
  • Refer.
  • Avoid using contractions.
  • Make sure that you know the difference between analyzing and retelling the story.
  • Develop a quirky topic.
  • Never use the word etcetera or etc.

3 Examples of Engaging Introductory Sentences

You can write the analytical essay by paying attention to these shared examples. These examples are ideal to learn about writing this kind of essay in an ideal manner.

  1. The world is facing serious challenges to save an adequate amount of water for the future.
  2. There are many ways to overcome depression if you’re mentally prepared to do it.
  3. The physical health is as important as your mental health to have a healthy lifestyle.

Some interesting concluding lines of the essays are here to help you well in writing it.

  1. All in all, this study is feasible and perfect to give you an idea about dealing with stress effectively.
  2. The ultimate solution of diverting children’s attention towards physical activities is to make this thing more fascinating for them.
  3. This shows that education is a pillar to build up a triumphant career for the lifetime.

Questions to Ask When Working for a Research Paper

The questions can help you more in clearing the personal concepts to execute a well-crafted research paper.

  1. Why have I chosen this topic?
  2. Are the variables worth to conduct a research paper?
  3. How many tools will be used to work on methodology?
  4. What is the impression of the chosen title?
  5. Who is my targeted audience?
  6. Which is the best method to describe this research?
  7. Am I capable to compose this study individually?
  8. What kinds of professional help will be required?
  9. What is the purpose of this study?
  10. Will it provide controversial thesis ideas?
  11. Is the gathered amount of data sufficient?
  12. Will this study be helpful in collecting data for future researches?
  13. What type of research is it?
  14. Is the collected information adequate?
  15. What is the best approach to conducting this study?
  16. How to make this study valuable for the readers?
  17. Did I choose modern research papers to conduct this study?
  18. What are my expectations with this paper?
  19. Which data sources I have chosen to develop this research?
  20. What is so unique about this paper?
  21. What is the sampling method?
  22. How long do I take to gather the data?
  23. What are the best ways to make this research reliable?
  24. How many modern research techniques I know about?
  25. Why do I prefer working on this paper individually?
  26. How to overcome the issues related to inaccurate findings?
  27. What are the long-term significances of this study?
  28. Is there any alternative method if one fails to get the findings?
  29. What is the ideal source to get trusted information?
  30. Which format should I use to compose this paper?

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