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College Research Essay Checklist: 20 Steps to “A” Grades

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Writing the Research Papers: How Does It Differ with Essay/Article?

The research paper is a draft conducted to bring some new academic findings that help in developing new researches in the future. The college research paper can play a vital role to broaden the study related to any subject. There are numerous types of academic studies conducted for college. One of the popular types is an argumentative research paper. Many people have this misconception that analytical research essay is a similar kind of document with the essay or the article. But in actual, there is a lot of difference between the research study and essay. The research paper writing takes months and even a year to be executed. It is composed of following plenty of steps from data collection to working on methodology and quantifying the results.

argumentative research essay example example of an analytical essay
The college research essay outline can describe a better way to conduct an academic study. If we discuss an essay, then you won’t have to gather a lot of data to write it. The essays are based on the content discussed a few facts and other info about a certain topic. On the other hand, the research paper is comprised of many other topics interrelated to the main title. All the variables included in a title are discussed and their association is also explained. The major purpose to write the research study in detailed form is to clear all the concepts. It becomes also necessary to end up in getting the precise findings. If we compare an article with the research paper, then the story is more different here. Writing an article is even simpler than the essay. You just have to find any published post related to the particular topic and start rewriting it. So, there’s no comparison between an essay, article and research paper.

Sample College Research Essay: Types of Research Papers

The research papers are written in numerous different types that you even don’t know. The two major types of academic paper are Analytical and Argumentative Research Papers. These 2 major types of research papers are highly popular among students and professionals. These types of academic studies are conducted for various purposes. The college/university students also work on composing these kinds of researches. Secondly, the research papers are also conducted to run many business projects developed by several organizations.

Argumentative Research Paper

The major question many of the students ask is how to start a college research essay? An argumentative research study is the one based on the detailed introduction about the specific topic. The introduction part is a highly important section of this research. Any kind of topic is described with all of its major aspects in the argumentative research.

Analytical Research Paper

We usually go through many of the research papers based on the question or any given situation that requires the answers of the readers. The college research essay writing in the analytical type is started in the form of a particular case. Your analytical research paper cannot be accepted if it doesn’t have the question. You can see some of our research essay examples.

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How to Select the Research Paper Topic

The college research essay editing quality is the main requirement of every student and client. Choosing the topic for a research paper is not so simple. You have to make a list of some most popular titles of the published papers. Take the single variable from each title and develop a new one. It is quite better than asking for the topic ideas on an online forum. They may suggest any used or ineffective college research essay topics.

Best International Sources to Gather the Data

These days, many of the advanced sources are available to guide the students and even professionals for data collection. Some best sites are also available to make the accurate search for the papers to collect the data, some of these include:

  • Toolbar. Has any free app you used searched for or installed automatically some toolbar? The toolbar that is installed with an application (Alexa, Ask, etc.) is the oldest and still very widespread form of data collection. If you install the toolbar in the browser, the toolbar sends information about your internet behavior. So, the toolbar is not free. You pay it by someone collecting information about you. The problem is that the toolbar installs a relatively small number of users, mostly one or two toolbars. Therefore the collected data were collected on a small sample so that it could be generalized.
  • Access Panel. Some companies (Nielsen or ComScore) are looking for volunteers who for a small fee or prize ‘let’ to track their internet behavior through installed programs on their computer. The problem with such data collection lies in the fact that most companies or public institutions do not allow the use of such programs in their systems (Firewall, blocking executions, etc.). Therefore, users do not record during their working hours, when using the Internet is the most intense. It is also a question of relevance to the sample because not all demographic groups are equally welcome by following their internet behavior. There is also the problem of social networks that do not exchange data and are more represented in the overall behavior of users.
  • ISP Data. These data are collected through an Internet service provider – ISP. It is the largest database and the vast amount of information we provide about ourselves without our knowledge or consent. As there is a potential for misuse of such information, it causes concern among the activists to protect the privacy of the user. Often, ISPs sell this information to third parties and make additional payments on our data. Deutsche Telekom does this and I believe T-com also sells that information.
  • Data from search engines. The search engines certainly know what internet users are searching for. Therefore, these data are the most accurate and have a huge sample. Most commonly the search engine publishes aggregated and qualitative search data. Google offers it through its Google Insights and Google Trends services that publish behavior on the Google search engine. This information is the most accurate, but relates only to the behavior of a single search engine (Google) and cannot be applied to another search engine. It should therefore be explored specifically on bing or Yahoo search engines.
  • Web statistics monitoring tools. Often suppliers of tools for measuring the behavior of visitors to the website, collect data and publish it (such as Google Analytics or Yahoo Web Analytics). To publish this data from other websites besides theirs, they need to know and ask for a fee or upgrade to a professional version if you are using Omniture. There is a widespread Gemius system for tracking visitors on portals.
  • Self-reported data. Which times you can get very good user behavior data on portals from the portal itself. Mostly, they are working on portals that provide a prospective advertiser with demographic and other information about their users (of course, not collectively but aggregated data). An example of this will be found on the US or UK site (
  • Data collected by polling. If you have had the opportunity to take part in some online surveys for a coupon or prize, you are clearly concerned about it. Such research is carried out by a number of companies, and with us, GfK is one of the most frequently used online surveys.
  • Hybrid data collection models. The youngest of all methods of collecting data on market trends and user behavior is the so-called hybrid method or hybrid model. It is simply tools that collect data from a variety of sources mentioned above that weigh and publish aggregated. The best free tool for this purpose is Google AdPlanner. If you want information only for the American market, you are certainly good at Compete or Quantcast.

The news, social networking sites and online research forums seem quite feasible to perform this task in an ideal manner. You need to focus on it.

free argumentative research essay topics for college students

Learn to Create a Thesis Statement

These are 5 important tips to let you know about the ideal way of making a thesis statement.

  • Start with telling the readers about your title.
  • Define the variables included in your paper’s title.
  • Explain the purpose of your study by relating it to the title.
  • Describe the points that summarize the core elements of your paper.
  • Conclude the study by discussing the long-term impacts of your research findings.

Some questions to check whether your thesis is worth to view or not are also important to consider.

  • Is the title of your paper unique?
  • What is the purpose of choosing this topic?
  • What are the major outcomes of the findings?
  • How can your conducted research contribute to developing future studies?
  • What are the core elements of your study?
  • What inspired you the most to go for this title?

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Research Paper Writing Steps: the Main Outline Parts

Research is not all about interpretation, evaluation or argument. It is divided into three research paper writing steps.

  • Introduction: Discussed the thesis statements and the actual purpose of the study. Everything that introduces your work needs to be discussed in this part.
  • Body: The body of the research is based on three major factors. The only element that takes the focus of the writer thrice is the argument. It is all about strong argument, stronger argument and then strongest argument.
  • Conclusion: The arguments are summarized in this part.
Example: Introduction (background, thesis statement), Body (First topic, Second topic and Third Topic etc) and Conclusion (Summary and Final Statement).

Tips to Help in Organizing the Research Paper Notes

It is quite simple to manage writing a research paper in the best way. All you need to do is to follow some basic tips for it. These are some tips to do this from now.

  • For each subject area, try to use the separate file.
  • Separate the main topics by using the file dividers.
  • Try to use a different page for every topic.
  • Put the labels and numbers to remember the pages.
  • At the front of each file, try to keep the updated content page.

The Plagiarism Checker can be quite helpful to save your document from any copied or stolen content. From matching the formatting requirements to proofreading, everything gets proper attention of the readers. Therefore, you are supposed to read every word to make the content worth to read. Don’t mess the document up by adding walls of text. Follow the latest yet popular papers to avoid making any mistake in the research conducting process. No spelling mistakes and the addition of meaningful sentences is definitely important in it.

20 Questions to Ask Yourself for Conducting Triumphant Research Study

Have a look at these 20 steps to take to end up in developing a valuable research study.

  1. Am I repeating myself unnecessarily?
  2. Does my conclusion properly end the thesis?
  3. Do I use trusted sources?
  4. Are my explanations clear?
  5. Will I introduce the quote?
  6. How does the evidence support my thesis?
  7. Does my topic reflect the study properly?
  8. Does my paper state the position?
  9. How long would I take to complete this study?
  10. Is it worth to work on the chosen topic?
  11. What is the type of my conducted research study?
  12. Are my findings precise?
  13. Did I use sufficient sources to collect information?
  14. Will it be effective?
  15. What are the benefits of this study?
  16. Who would be my targeted audience?
  17. What are the long-term outcomes?
  18. Did I cover all the research elements?
  19. What are the tools used to find the results?
  20. Is it unique and different?

Common Reference Styles

The few general styles of referencing are here that should require your proper attention.

  • APA (American Psychological Association): Specific for social sciences, this is the commonly used method to cute sources.
  • MLA (Modern Language Association): The scholarly articles use this style to document the sources and citation.
  • Harvard Style: One of the popular styles that helps in citing the data sources properly in the research studies.

Tips to Publish Your Paper Online

Follow these awestruck tips to learn about the actual research paper publishing method.

  • Keep your paper prepared.
  • Check it once before considering it a final draft to submit.
  • The third step is to submit the paper and ask for the revisions.
  • The submission can be tracked now.
  • Now track the paper that is accepted.
  • Promote and share your draft.

How to expand simple questions?  You can simply focus on every angle of asking one question. This can help you in finding out the different questions from a single one. For instance, “What is the purpose of your research?” This question can be expanded into “What will be your study’s impact and role of findings for future research conducting process?”.

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Points to Ponder: When and How to Submit the Final Copy?

There are lots of misconceptions regarding the submission of the final research paper draft.

  • The right time to submit your final draft is to proofread it thoroughly at least thrice.
  • It is suggested to submit the first draft to let your supervisor go through it.
  • Never think of submission without reading out your paper loud at least once. It helps in spotting the minor errors.

9 Not-to-Miss Wording Tips for All

  • Reference the population when there’s an association between certain type of subjects.
  • The succinct and specific RQ and Hs need to be made.
  • Avoid irrelevant terms.
  • Keep yourself stuck to what would be discussed.
  • Include the variables in the proper sequence while discussing in the paper.
  • Words like significant or significant need to be avoided.
  • The terms prove is also not accepted.
  • The different terms that refer to identical variables need to be ignored.
  • Don’t add the random meaningless sentences.

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