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Most Doubtful Scientific Researches Ever Made

A majority of students think that writing the academic research essay is only for the purpose of reporting articles or books that they have read and thought that they should simply quote/summarize it to tell their readers about the topic. But this is not the case. Instead, the scientific research essay writing gives them a chance to answer a controversy or question in relation to the topic.

weirdest scientific researches

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Research Essay Tips

In order to write an attention-grabbing project, follow these tips:

  • Remember its concept. You choose a topic, do research on it and write an essay based on your research.
  • Think of only one question to answer to be specific. You don’t examine many things for that scientific research essay, or else you will lose focus and have a hard time in emphasizing on your chosen angle or aspect of the study.
  • Outline your essay, and divide it into subsections. Again, choose one topic question to answer.
  • Write your introduction, body (can be three paragraphs) and conclusion.
  • Proofread and edit your scientific research essay against grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

scientific research essay writingControversial Scientific Research Topics

Selecting the right topic is a milestone of the essay writing process, especially when in the case of scientific researches. A controversial topic will get you at least two different points of view.

  • Should animals be used in product testing? Should they be used in making human skin and hair products?
  • How would you want the sound that people could have a longer life through genetic cloning? Controversial topic, isn’t it?
  • Plastic surgery, should it be an option to buy back your youth? When the medical industry is cashing in on your insecurities…..
  • Blood transfusion, is it a lifesaver or not? Let your voice be heard.
  • Rising HIV cases among gays, what could have been really wrong?
  • Should humans pursue embryonic stem cells research for its quest to a longer life?
  • Do vaccines cause autism?

Scientific Researches That Can Make You Doubt Your Life

  • Do black holes die? They do by exploding or dissolving.
  • Why do French fries taste so bad when cold? First world problems here.
  • What if the moon disappeared tomorrow? Let me guess, another apocalypse?

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